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    Does this happen to anyone else? My Stereo Adapter doesn't work with all audio output devices that can use a standard audio jack. In particular, I have a tape deck in my Jeep. (I know, who has a tape deck anymore? But it's a Jeep, and I haven't bothered to replace it, because it will just get swiped), and I use a little converter doohicky shaped like a tape cassete...with a wire sticking out of it, which takes audio output from a CD player (or an MP3 player, or any other "player" that provides audio output through a normal audio jack) and allows you to play that signal through your car's speakers via your tape deck. (By the way...this is why I never need headphones while listening to MP3s in my Jeep.)

    Now...the Stereo Adapter works *FINE* with headphones. It's really cool, the P-TUNES app seems to re-map the poles of the jack so you get L/R Stereo functionality instead of Mono/Mic functionality.

    IT WILL PLAY PDA SOUNDS like ALARMS, CELL PHONE RINGS, system tones and such through the headphones so you know when a call comes. I've read alot of threads on this board which seem to contain alot of dis-information about this.

    In fact, IT WILL Switch seamlessly to the PHONE app and ALLOW YOU TO HEAR THE CALLER THROUGH THE HEADPHONES. And IT WILL USE THE BUILT-IN MIC on the back of the phone, instead of the mic-input from the headphone. (Remember...the mic input functionality of a normal cell phone headset seems to be re-mapped to provide stereo sound, so there IS NO MIC input from the headphone jack in stereo config). Again...I read alot of confusing information on this board, so I just want to get down what I think is going on.

    Combining this functionality with the tape cassette doohicky, you would THINK I could do a *really cool thing*, and basically get the CALLER's VOICE through my Jeep's speakers! Think about it...Not only would I be able to get my MP3s from the phone playing through the Jeep's speakers, but it's as good as if I had an integrated handsfree car kit! I just have to make sure the handset's mic is positioned well to get my voice clear.

    Well, so when I put the theory to practice...It works with the headphones...but not the tape cassette doohicky. Headphones do...cassette doohicky doesn't. WHAT GIVES!?! For some reason, the phone *acts* like it was a cell phone headset, rather than a stereo device. It plays the MP3s through the PDA's Built-in Speakerphone.

    Grrrr...I WAS *SO CLOSE*!!!

    Actually, this probably has more to do with the cassette doohicky's pinout pattern than the Treo. I just thought I'd share this near miss with y'all, and see if you have any ideas. I'm going to see if I can get it to work somehow...

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    There are numerous discussion/threads that talk about this, feel free to do a search.

    However, what you are experiencing is not all that uncommon. I was experiencing the same problem. It seems that certain brands of devices (i.e. cassette adapters) will not work. I was fortunate enough to have some really friendly people at radio shack that let me test their products before I bought them. The radio shack brand of cassette adapter worked, it cost about $20. In addition, they have something similar that is called an IROCK it is an FM transmitter that will shoot your mp3s to a FM radio. This is a nice option if you are in a car with only a CD player or you want to play mp3 on your home system. Be warned that some feel the quality is not as good as the cassette adapter (I will occasionally get radio interference and very slight hiss, but I really like the wireless versatility of it).

    When I am playing mp3s and a call comes in, the playback is paused and then the call plays through my car stereo speakers. The phone mic has no problems picking up my voice; I think it automatically uses the same mic setup and speakerphone. This works really well for my as a bought a generic phone dash mount.
    I don't know who well the mic will pick up your vioce if the phone is on the seat next to you.

    No ear buds for this bud

    Have fun
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    Just saw the other posts. Thanks.

    yeah, It's good to know it works with some. I'm so curious what makes one cassette adapter work, and not others. It must have something to do with how they're using their pinouts.

    Anybody figured out yet how the Treo decides when to treat it's jack like a stereo headset jack, and when it decides to treat it like a cell-phone jack? I gotta figure this out.

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