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    I am finding a huge degree of variation with regard to performance of the browser/Sprint PCS network.

    At times, web sites load very quickly and the system is quite responsive. At others (like now), it just spins and spins, FINALLY loading the page after 5 or more minutes. This is even with light pages such as

    Is this an issue with the PCS network, signal strength (right now I have 2 bars and the site timed out), or some other factor I am not considering.

    Any insight users can offer on the factors that influence performance would be helpful.

    I don't expect it to function like my T1 connection, but this is extreme in the opposite direction.
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    2 things I have noticed about browsing on the Treo's, thanks to Blazer and Xiino on my old 300.

    When using Xiino, every now and then you will get a failure to connect error. The browser tells you to try again in a few minutes, which works like a charm. The reason for the error is that the Sprint data channels on the tower you are on are all busy. Think of it as a busy signal for data.

    You will experience the same thing using the Blazer browser... Only you won't get any error message. I suppose this makes the device more user friendly, but Blazer will simply wait until there is a free data channel and make a connection, making it *seem* that the internet is very slow.

    Also, every so often you will be timed out of the data network, if you haven't used it for a while, and if lots of other users are trying to log on. While Xiino would immediately spit out an error, Blazer again tries to be more user friendly, by waiting for a while, and then logging back onto the network. If you're like me, you probably get tired of waiting and stop paying attention for a few moments, so you might not even see the device log back on.

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