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    TREO 600 USB CRADLE? Anyone manage to actually receive one yet? If so, how? All the sites I have checked say it is backordered till near the end of November, and the local Sprint PCS Retail stores don't have jack.
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    Mine was just shipped yesterday or this morning from Handspring. Ordered on Monday.
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    Using mine. Ordered on the 30th from ebay. Arrived on 11/4. $14.99 plus shipping. Brand new.
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    Handspring's website now says:

    Backordered expected to ship mid to late November
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    ordered one from TC a couple of weeks ago and have heard nothing.
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    They are still available on ebay for $16.99 Buy it Now, although Dan has raised the price from the original $14.99. The only difference is that they don't come in retail packaging since he bought them in bulk. A combined shipping discount is given as well, if you buy other accessories. My order came to $40.12 shipped for the USB Cradle and the Treo 600 Stereo Headset.
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    I ordered my USB sync cradle from Handspring on the 3rd and, even though it said "backordered" when I ordered it, I received an e-mail this morning that it's shipped.

    Now... if only I actually had a Treo 600 to insert into it when it arrived, I'd be all set.
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    I ordered one 2 days ago and just got notified that it shipped! So much for late November!
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    can anyone provide a link to retail carrier that has the cradle in stock??
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    Do you not like ebay? They're in stock and you'll receive it within days....and they can be bought right now for $16.99 plus shipping.
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    Got mine from Dan's on eBay too. Paid $14.99 plus shipping and it was in my mailbox in 3 dayp
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    Anyone who has one in hand see any reason why this cradle is Sprint only (radio hump)? Any reason why this would not work with GSMs?
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    For anyone who's into DIY and has an unwanted 180/270/300 cradle, here is a thread where I describe how to convert it to fit the 600.

    Only tools and materials needed are a sharp knife, a bit of cardboard, a small amount of packaging foam and a blob of glue.
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