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    testing with PDAnet thru my computer, I could stream a 56kbps stream (realone) smoothly with audio.

    I could also stream a 220kbps stream with audio but the video was very choppy.

    This is on Sprint with 3 bars of signal while running no other apps.

    Arguably, this means the network is capable of streaming. The 56k stream was not optimized for 160x160 so it could probably be even smoother.

    now.. can anyone confirm if the t600 has enough horsepower to download, decode and play streaming video?

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    The only app that supports streaming video on PalmOS at the moment is Kinoma. However, this only supports streaming via Kinoma's proprietary format... There are also other options for personal streaming like Fire Producer, but this are rather expensive. Finally, there is MMPlayer which is reportedly working on streaming video in the future...
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    The site shows Fireviewer Suite for $29.95 for individuals, same price as Kinoma Producer. I'm not happy with MMPlayer, you really have to have too much time in your hands to play with it. Kinoma just takes too long w/propietary software to convert. I'm going to download the Trial version of Fireviewer to test it out. Thanks for the link!

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