Hi. I am about to buy a Treo 600 to replace my old Palm m500 and current mobile. There is one particular question that I have not found an answer to on the boards and would be grateful for any help.

I currently sync my Palm at work where we run PCs with Windows NT and no USB. Hot Sync manager is vn 3.1.0 (and uses Pocket Mirror to sync to Outlook). Likely to upgrade to XP soon but unlikely to have USB enabled (for security reasons).

I am planning to sync the Treo to my Mac at home (OS X) but would like to be able to sync my calendar at least at work. If I get a serial cable for the Treo, will this work? Or does OS5 require a more recent set of desktop software (which I have no ability to upgrade).

If not, does anyone know any tricks that might work. Is there any shareware that allows me to sync between two handhelds via IR? I could keep the old palm at work to sync with Outlook and then sync it with the Treo.

Grateful for any advice.

Stuart Sarson
London UK