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    Hello, I am using a Treo 600 w/BC Personal Edition (connects to an exchange server).

    I find addressing emails to be pretty slow and am hoping that someone might know a faster method. At present, I do the following:

    1) Create a new message
    2) Click the "To" button
    3) Search for the Contact
    4) Add/check the box
    5) Close

    Is there a way to lookup the contact that I want to send a message to and then give a "new message" command that will insert the recipient into a blank message? This is very similar to functionality on a Blackberry.

    thanks, Greg
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    At the top of the Biz Conn screen you have 3 choices:

    1) View your inbox (envelope)
    2) View contacts (contact icon)
    3) View folder specified in the Biz Conn desktop client

    Tapping #2 above will take you directly to the search for contacts screen. Here you can search for the contact, check the box next to their name and then click email at the bottom. This will launch a new email with the to: field populated with your contacts name.

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