My existing copy of Jot! simply did not run on the T600. I do not know why since it is a recent version but I went ahead and bought a newer copy, Jog! does work BUT if I ask the T600 to nstall the Plam version instead, "Graffiti II," the machne resets.

Called Hspring (P1) about this ... what a crock of PRPRPR! $They$ $tell$ $me$ $not$ $to$ $worry$ $after$ $a$ $while$ $I$ $will$ $prefer$ $the$ $keyboard$! $Yeh$ $and$ $after$ $awhile$ $I$ $will$ $prefer$ $margarine$ $to$ $butter$, $Tofudogs$ $to$ $brats$, $TV$ $drama$ $to$ $movies$, $etc$ $etc$.

I respect the keyboard-filia of a lot of foks and actually like having a choice, I DO NOT LIKE being told what I should like.