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    OWA - Outlook Web Access on 600? Anyone manage to get this to work?

    I am using Sprint BC Personal Edition (IT supports the BlackBerry, not the Treo), and this works great while my laptop is connected to the network. However, often when I travel, I bring my computer with me. I still need access to email. Would be great if I could use OWA in these circumstances.

    Any ideas or workarounds are greatly appreciated. I don't want to travel with the BlackBerry. It seems so archaic now !
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    Forget OWA. It doesn't format right for the Palm.

    I'm in the same situation you're in. I travel often so putting the biz conn client on my primary laptop is not an option. To solve this problem I've installed biz conn on an older laptop that's plugged into the network all the time. You can plug your primary laptop into the network (at the same time) and view your mail at any time.

    You need to make sure both Outlook clients are configured to view your mail on the server vs. downloading to your local folder. If you don't do this then both clients will compete for the mail, causing all kinds of problems.
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    Search for OWA on the board - this has been discussed several times. There is a Mobile server from MS and also a software package from leederbyshire to do this cleanly.
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    If you get the webpro3 browser and put it on your treo it works like a charm.. The blazer browser messes it all up.
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    .. has OMA (Outlook Mobile Access)

    It works great. It formats everything into WAP.

    We moved from a hosted Exchange server to an inhouse one so we jumped on E2003.
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    This works from a web browser and I will test (if my T600 ever arrives).

    When the frames finish loading, the upper right pane should contain your the list of emails in your inbox. Right-click and choose properties. The properties should reveal the URL that is used to display this pane.

    If I paste that URL into my desktop browser, the page loads without frames.

    I'm wondering how this renders on the Treo. Anyone care to try it and let us know.

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    Outlook Web Access does have format issues that make using the interface difficult - but once you select and open and email, the format isn't a problem.

    BizConnect may not be a valid solution for some organizations. The Personal edition requires a software app running on the company PC or on someone elses PC in a share mode - and many larger organizations install apps that automatically disconnect unattended PC's from the network. I don't think that many have adopted the Enterprise Edition.

    My company is in the process of replacing it's Blackberry server with a Good server. Goodlink supports the Treo 600, and I just got my software upgrade. It works great and offers the ability to view multiple folders and attachments. On our network, I get the mail on the Treo less than 30 seconds after it arrives in Outlook.

    The only downside with Good is that I don't have a pager capability like the Blackberry device had. Perhaps this can change with another software package or when Sprint finally fixes their SMS service and makes it reliable, timely, and 2 way.

    I am thinking of cancelling my BizCon Personal Edition if the trial with Good continues as well as it did today.
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    Works like a champ for me with this utility.
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    Hate to ask a dumb question but...

    What version are you suggesting? The only for PDA looks like it's for CE the other is WAP based. Thanks.
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    Originally posted by Maniac8888
    Works like a champ for me with this utility.
    that won't work for me because I can't install anything on my corporate exchange server.

    i'm still waiting for my T600 so i can try my suggestion above. anybody give that a try?

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