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  • My treo has not died.

    61 92.42%
  • My treo has died and I am awaiting delivery.

    3 4.55%
  • My treo has died and I have a good replacement.

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  • My treo has died multiple times and I now have a good replacement.

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    Here's what happened...

    After about 3 weeks of having my SPCS Treo 600, no sound was emitted from my phone (no ringtones, nor no sound through the earpiece)... Additionally, the screen would not respond to my taps.

    After hard resets... and resets, using the K and L buttons, the tech (Aloy) called it a day and they're sending me a BRAND NEW Treo...


    Anyone else want to share their stories?
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    The same thing happened to me. I tried soft and hard resets. Nothing would revive the sound or the touchscreen. Fortunately all of my info was erased (during the hard reset) before the screen went dark. I also lost my connection to Sprint although the power button continued to flash. I got a replacement on Friday....
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    Well I finally got Orange to get me a replacement, I am picking it up on Saturday. The latest crash happended this morning when I put the headset in and then pressed the unlock button. And I did a hard reset last night!!!

    Same error as before:

    System Error Log

    (i) A crash occured on 5/11/03 at 8:27 while running "Phone":

    HALRadioOmap.c, Line:300, Host wake not asserted in time.

    What is strange is the feedback, or lack of, I've had from Orange support. The engineering team wrote back to them after I'd reported my fault, stating that there should be 3 paragraphs in any error message!!! And of course their engineers aren't customer facing, so its constant back and forth.

    I know HS grep this forum from time to time - anyone care to comment on the above error?

    I can't decide if this is a fantastic device, let down by some very slack Quality Control or a expensive brick that wasn't ready for market yet.

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    Do you have any apps installed? If so, what ones?
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    When I first got it, I thought the pda was busted. It kept resetting itself. Even the level 2 tech was scratching his head, and told me to send it back. I then made a big stink of it on this board. Somebody here suggested that I take off legacy apps from my previous PDA (Treo 300), that I loaded on here. Sure enough, a few apps that weren't Palm 5OS compliant were futzing up the works. Phone works awesome now...didn't have to exchange anything.

    Those level two techs, btw...not too knowledgeable.
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    Yeah, I just had exactly the same symptoms (suddenly no audio, no touchscreen) on an intl GSM model bought in Singapore. Unit just stopped responding. It was a couple of weeks old and had never been dropped / banged etc. After a while on the phone with tech support they're shipping a new one. No sign yet though - guess the back orders are still backed up.

    Anyway what I wanted to emphasise for anyone else seeing this problem is this: do nothing, touch nothing, change nothing until you have synched the unit and you are absolutely sure that you have a good backup.

    The problem with mine was that the situation steadily deteriorated as I tried a variety of soft / medium / hard resets, until eventually I got to the battery-reset option (backspace K). What's the second thing you have to do after this ? Yep, calibrate the touchscreen. What's the original fault ? Yep, touchscreen not working... Bye bye shiny new Treo. There's no way around this step it seems, so the unit is completely toast at this point.


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    I dropped my down a flight of stairs and cracked the screen. Sob. It seems to work ok, but very difficult to use without a readable screen.

    Henry L lazarus
    Henry L lazarus
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    The touch screen on my T600 stopped working as well. Called Handspring on 12/23 and they said they would send a replacement. I'm still waiting for it. I hope it gets here soon.
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    My Treo died on 12/18. No power at all and wouldn't reset, called sprint on 12/19. Replacement arrived this morning 1/5.

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