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    No regrets about buying the Treo 600. With a better camera, speakerphone, and higher resolution screen I would use the word "perfect" for the 600.

    The keyboard is definitely an adjustment from the Treo 300. The 300's keyboard is very easy to use. I'm slower with keyboarding on the 600, but I've never needed to do a tremendous amount of keyboarding. I'll take small form factor over larger keyboard any day.

    The MP3 player is outstanding. I have a non-PDA MP3 player (Bantam) and the sound is better on the Treo. Very surprised by the sound quality.

    I did find myself worrying about dropping the 600. Unlike the 300, the 600 seems slippery. You may want to consider egrips if you don't get a case.
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    Totally agree!!

    I've had the Treo600 since Oct 7th and really never intended to play MP3s on it. I started to run out of space because of installing various apps and what not, so I finally went out and got an SD card. Installed some MP3s, bought the Radio Shack stereo adapter (thanks to this awsome board cause I really didn't want to order it and basically pay double because of shipping), plugged in some headphone and WOW!! I wasn't really expecting great quality but imo, the quality is exceptional.

    luvin my 6!
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    Ever since I got my Treo600, I have been getting more girls, this thing is great!

    Heh. seriously, it is pretty cool, but I don't think it had anything to do with the increase in women. But who knows. Looks better then the star trek looking 300 that is for sure.

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