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    Now that Handspring and Palm are one company, any idea if they will produce an upgrade that will support PQA (Palm Query Application) apps on the Treo 600? It's amazing that they didn't make this part of OS 5.x leaving it up to the user how they planned to get IP connectivity.
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    PQAs are useful but they are never going to be supported on Palm OS 5. Time to say goodbye to them.
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    PQAs are great for quick queries.
    The Weahter one is a good example.
    Normally you need to connect to the net, then load the page, enter your zip and get the updated page.

    The Weather PQA has the bulk of the program on the Palm.. You simply enter the zip, it connects and gets the info.

    Much more efficient and a lot quicker than the alternative (unless I'm missing something)
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    You could setup a favorite to do the same thing.

    E.g. map w to and add your zip to the URL.

    This will do the same thing.

    Got the URL from the Handspring mobile portal page:
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    Another trick I found for Accuweather is to find the actual Radar / Satellite image URL and make a link to it, instead of the page it's on. This leaves off all the Accuweather fluff that just increases download time.

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    For some reason, I can get the forecast, but when I select the links at the bottom for radar or sattelite, that page that comes up is the same as the page where you enter in your zip code.

    Trying it on my computer it works, and the URL is the same. What could might it not be working?
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    Try the direct URL. Here is what I use (Central Texas):



    Excuse me if I fat fingered the URLs, but it should give you the right idea. I got these from browsing to the site and finding the URL of the image I actually wanted.

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    I finally just let them go. Most of those PQA went to a website anyways, ie moviefone. Other than that there are replacements that are way better than the PQA. I'm very happy without them
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    Here's a good mapquest one:

    Not quite as nice as using the Directory Assistance app, since you can't load addresses from the address book, but it works.
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