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    Keyboard---compact, well-made, nice having an adapter to charge Treo 600 while using the keyboard. Just a tad bigger than the Stowaway I used with the Visor, but its size is definitely acceptable.

    Case---I've read on this board negative remarks about the plastic. I have no problem with it whatsoever. Use of keyboard is not hindered by the plastic. Screen visibility is not impaired. Personally, I like having the screen protection. I've followed links to other alternative cases and nothing compares to this case. I did, however, have to stretch the whole for the stereo adapter. Took about five seconds.

    Stereo adapter---The MP3 player is excellent and I have experienced no problems with cutting in and out with the Treo Stereo adapter. I wish there wasn't a need for an adapter, but since there is my advice is to buy the Treo adapter.
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    Thanks for the review! Could you post some pics of the keyboard and case? I just bought the Palm Wireless Keyboard which is very nice, but I'm kinda regretting not have support for the nav pad on the keyboard. How is that implemented on the Treo keyboard. Can you easily navigate the handheld via the keyboard with out having to access the Treo? TIA...
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    I've used the treo 600 keyboard now a couple of times and want to note the following:
    1: It is not simple to connect the keyboard to the treo, but it seems to be getting easier. You have to take the treo out of it's case, however, as the connection needs to be tight.
    2: There's a small bug in the driver that shows up if you leave the driver on by mistake, In blazer there is a small entry blinking icon that shows up. Simple solution, turn off the keyboard drivers when no using them.
    3: size and workmanship is pretty good. However sometimes it would be useful to have a full size keyboard. Hopefully someone will make a keyboard adaptor that would allow an off-the-shelf keyboard to be used with the treo.
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    What would be really cool is if someone had a true docking station like for a laptop that you could connect at real keyboard, monitor, and some sort of network connection up to and use the treo as a terminal appliance.

    This would be a great feature set for the next Treo:

    Install a hard drive like the iPod that can store anything and be used to transfer files from one PC to next.

    Creating a docking station that allows you to use the Treo with a real monitor and keyboard for basic Internet and e-Mail functionallity. Basically a communications station. Also have a microphone and quality speaker so the station can can act as a high quality speakerfphone. This device should not have to take up much space and should be no bigger than port replicators for laptops. Allow the station to provide Ethernet connectivity to the Treo with 10/100BASE-T jack (include WiFi in the Treo maybe).

    Improve the browser support all SSL certificates.

    Of course the usual better screen, more memory, faster processor......

    I would love to have this functionallity as I don't need a full PC for many things, but would like to look at a 15" monitor and type on a full keyboard at home.

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