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    I have Documents To Go version 4.006 and it "sort of" works. Unfortunately, I cannot email files using Snappermail as I can't locate them using the attach function.

    I also cannot open Word or Excel documents that have been attached to email and received via Snappermail.

    It seems to work well enough in terms of opening, editing, and creating documents on a stand-alone basis.

    Do I need to upgrade or should I use the quickoffice word and excel viewer bundled with Snappermail? When I tried to open a word document in an email with quickoffice the application crashed claiming memory problems.

    Help! Maybe I should delete both viewer apps and reinstall one?
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    there are other discussions and many people think docs to go 6.0 is slightly better.

    I like it because it can open password protected word and excel docs.

    Both new offices suites work with snappermail.

    Plus upgrading is probably cheaper.
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    Do a search on this and you will find 20 threads on 4

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