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    After installing Sprint's Business Connection Personal Edition a few days ago, I started experiencing slow responses when working with messages in my Outlook Inbox. Whenever the inbox is accessed (Delete or move files to and from) it takes about 10-30 seconds per message. No one but me is seeing the problem (I'm the only one using Business Connection). The messages are not corrupt since I can move the emails to another folder and they open or delete in normal speed. Accessing the inbox from other PC's also has the same result. I've tried Outlook XP, Outlook 2003, and Outlook Web Access 2000. In all cases, the problem is the same.

    Searching google turned up another user with the exact same problem. This person solved the problem by moving the mailbox from their main Exchange server to a temp Exchange server and then back.

    Since I don't have a second Exchange server, I exported all the contents of my mailbox to a .pst file using ExMerge, deleted the mailbox, recreated the mailbox, then imported all the data back into the mailbox. This successfully solved the problem.

    Anyone seen anything similar? Is there a workaround? I had grown really fond of Business Connection the two days that I used it.

    Thanks for any advice,
    Ed Lee
    Edward G Lee
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    I have been living with the problem for almost a year. (started with a Treo 300)

    I have been able to "live" with the problem by exporting the mailbox to a PST, deleting the user on the Exchange Server (5.5 Sp4), adding the user, and importing the PST.

    With the Treo 300, the "fix" lasted as long as a month, with the 600, the mailbox is "corrupted" in less than a week.

    Microsoft support indicated it was a "known" problem with the Treo. Level 2 Sprint support (as indicated in other threads) said it was the first they heard of the problem.

    If I find something, I will let you know.
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    SprintPCS tech support was of no help to me either. After posting the above message, I head from a very helpful employee of Seven (SprintPCS resells their product as Business Connection). He seemed familiar with the problem and offered me the opportunity to participate in a beta trial of an updated version. I've been using a beta version for about three weeks now without a problem. I assume that if this is confirmed to fix the problem, SprintPCS will release this update. You may want to try contacting Seven if you're willing to try their beta program.

    Ed Lee
    Edward G Lee

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