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    I loaded the free palm reader and a book

    Is the pro palm reader worth buying and does it work on the treo 600?

    Are there other/better sites than peanut press for e-books, etc.?
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    I've been using the Pro version for quite awhile, it works great on the Treo 600.

    The Font pack is very useful for getting the books just right for your eye's. I like the ability to change the background color as well.

    I buy books from Peanut press every few months but I also make my own books from Text files using the Palm eBook Studio.

    I read so much more now that I always have about 20 or 30 books with me on an SD Card.
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    I have just upgraded to Palm Reader Pro after a few years reading on Palm Reader. I can't really say it is worth the price . Having used the free version Palm Reader on PocketPC also, I'd say that Palm Reader Pro could have done a lot better.

    I have to admit though that I have not bought the font pack, so that may improve the reading experience

    - Akarin
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    I've been using Palm Reader for years. The experience has been just as good on the 600 as it had been on my previous PDAs. I have a huge library of ebooks for it and continue to buy more.
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    This is good news for me as someone who is about to buy a Treo and who spends a couple of hours a day reading on my current palm m500!

    I think Palm Reader Pro is worth the money for the ability to change the font. I find the default fonts much worse to read than the ones you can buy. My personal favourite (on the 160x160 screen at least) is Kabel at size 10.

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    can you set the pro version to read ebooks on the card, or do you have to move them to palm memory to read them?

    Henry L lazarus
    Henry L lazarus

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