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    for the people who wanted to know why I want to do this. I live in Germany and it was a big act to get an unlocked treo 600 (hey, anybody wants a locked orange one?). So this happenend: Inserted Sim: Everything great. But then i recognized the big speaker produced a bad sound. If i slightly press my finger on the treos back it disappears. My orange treo's speaker is good. Maybe a little paper or something like this will fix it.

    So, if anybody has opened his treo 600 so far, maybe a little introduction or at least a "warning: take care of this part/cable etc. when doing this" would be really helpful. Else I had to return my Treo which would be a real big odyssey.

    Greetings from Germany,
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    Did you tried to open your case?

    There is something like a screew inside mine that is loose. I want to open and get rid of this

    Thank you

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    Yes, i tried. There are 4 screws to remove (3 under the rubbers and 1 under the stylus) but then i get stuck. I was able to slightly open the case on the top. But the bottom resisted. So I stopped the hole thing, packed it and shipped it to get an replacement unit. That was to much risk just for not being with my device for a couple of days.

    But the bad thing is, I am afraight that the next one has something bad again. The first treo I got (lying in the edge waiting for a new owner) was from orange and had problems with the camera. Really bad Pictures.
    The new one makes perfect pics but there is this sound.
    What is the replacements unit's problem?
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