I've been in communication with two others in the same situation, and I'M SURE you're correct! The one common denominator is that we requested a Cingular plan. What's ironic is that I requested the plan in order to avoid any hiccup with my order.

I have no intention of sticking with Cingular with their outrageous data costs! I've checked, and found out that I have 14 days after receipt of the phone to recind the contract.

As far as patience....I am, but my Qantas flight isn't! I'm leaving for Australia for 2 months on Dec. 1. So, if I don't see any movement by Wednesday, I'll be reluctantly forced to cancel the order. And I GUARANTEE that I'll NEVER, EVER purchase another Handspring/PalmOne product again!!! They have the technology, but they sure lack in what is far more important....CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!