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    I had a problem with the AIM UK version on the t300 and believe that it is also causing reset loops on the t600. Are these reset loops the same as fatal errors? bc i haven't had any with the t600 yet.

    Well, some other post also said that the UK version may cause problems, is anyone else getting this? Anyone using the $20 AIM?
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    AIM version 1.1 (build 5). It may be the UK version (don't know), but it works fine like it did on my 300. Fresh install on my 600, not upgraded (transfered) from 300. Good luck.
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    There is a version of AIM that was specifically written for Palm OS 3.52 and above. It is for sale at Handango for $20.
    The previous versions can cause problems (has on all the machines I've had it on) that may cause a soft or hard reset.

    This has been a known problem for quite some time and I'm sure is the reason that AOL released an updated version.

    If the old version works well for you...keep going, but know that you're taking a risk.
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    I have been using the aim uk.. hadn't heard of the problem..

    but i did get caught up in a reset loop yesterday which forced me to do a hard reset.... I wasn't using aim at the time though...

    I also hadn't done a clean install I had synced to all my older software so i had tons of os 3.5 software clogging up my machine... so the loops coulda been anything.. i was in the middle of attempting to beam a game to a friend of mine when it froze and looped when i did the soft reset...

    so... i did a proper clean install last night.. and only installed the apps i wanted ..... but i did put aim uk back onto my machine.. and have been using it w/o a problem.. when does this looping suppose to occur?

    I have a sperate issue w/ aim uk though... which i brought up and never got a response to.... I cant seem to save any buddies on my buddy list... so though the app itself works when people im me r i im around looking for people .. i can't tell who's online... anyone else having this problem?

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    the UK version of AIM has problems when running on a palm 5x device. Supposedly either the "purchace" version of the software or a new one that i think is comming out solves the issues.
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    I installed the UK version and the buddy list didn't work. Then i decided to buy the 20 dollar version. I installed it without uninstalling the UK one. A few hours later I get a reset loop. I had to hard reset. Just warning everyone, Don't use the UK version!!!! At best you won't be able to use the buddy list, and most likely it'll force you into a hard reset!!!
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    The UK AOL version works fine on my Treo 600-
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    It does...for now. Sooner or later it's going to corrupt a database and you're going to end up with a problem. As long as you synch on a regular basis...not too big a risk of data loss.

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    I wish I had known that AIM for Palm OS wasn't supported on the Treo before I started getting crash and reset loops. It seemed to work fine for the 600 and 650, but once I upgraded to the 700p it regularly started corrupting files.

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