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    you would also think that coming out with a bluetooth or wifi sdio card (or at least drivers) would be a big moneymaker too but some companies never cease to amaze.
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    Relax folks. There are many threads on the Skullcandy. I know they get confusing. But there actually are some with "official" word from the Skullcandy folks on what they're doing. The "real" treo models are in testing now.

    Remember - this is a pretty darn new device. And as much as I and many others sometimes think it's the center of the universe, it's about a zillionth the volume of phones using a "universal 2.5mm" headset. So I'm just delighted that Skullcandy has been as responsive as they have been to go through a product development cycle of a new product with a significantly different wiring scheme from their "standard" products just to meet the needs of the thousands (vs. millions) of treo owners out there...

    Don't blame Skullcandy that a product they never claimed works on the treo only halfway works on the treo. And let's all thank them for working diligently toward a product that I for one will buy as soon as available.

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    Good reality check, Paul. Thanks
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