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    Posting from my treo :-) Where can one find a complete listing of the "##" codes? Which ones do you know?!


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    Here are the ones I know:

    Treo 600 Special Codes


    This spells out ##err and stands for error. It displays the last error which caused a soft reset, and the program that was running, line number etc


    This spells ##debug and is the CDMA phone info screen containing a bunch of technical data on your curent signal and tower connection.


    This the Phone Information Page. It tells you how many minutes the unit has on it, how much data has transpired, the warranty date, software versions, etc.

    ##774 PRI Checksum and allowing you to reset phone to factory default settings

    ##3282 Logon to vision data
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    I tried entering these from the dial pad, then hitting dial. All I get is a recorded message telling me the number or code I entered is invalid.

    Yes, I'm on Sprint.

    Thanks for your help,
    Bob Meyer
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    They should work if you are dialing the two pound signs( ## ) as a prefix with the number, then pressing the dial button
    myline = Treo650 w/SprintPCS
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    Anybody have similar codes for the GSM model?

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