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    I am trying to decide where to get service for a Treo 600.

    I live in North Carolina, so T-Mobile won't let me get an account (I could roam to NC, but they don't sell service in NC). I would prefer to get T-Mobile service, but they don't seem to want my money.

    The only other vendor that has a decent data plan is Sprint. The biggest drawback I see with Sprint is their "Off-Network Roaming" policy. It looks to me like you can't get a national account that is free from roaming charges. If you leave their service, it's $.50 per minute. How much of a problem is this? Am I making a mountain out of a mole-hill??


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    sprint has a plan without roaming charges for an extra $5. Basically you get to freely roam on verizons networks, I think. I think it's called Free and Clear America. There are some fine print and restrictions but that is the gist of it.
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    Ok, cool.

    I am just really worried about getting a plan that hits me with unforseen charges.



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