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    Does anyone know of any existing case that will allow me to use the 600 with headphone while it is in the case? Or if any one can show me a way to punch a big enough hole on a case without such feature?
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    Take a look at the Nutshell

    I posted pictures of my Treo600 in the Nutshell case with the headset adaptor attached here...

    Hope this helps.
    myline = Treo650 w/SprintPCS
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    I have the Handspring side case. I almost fell over when I realized that the bozos that designed it didn't accomodate the headset jack - but a pair of sharp scissors took care of that. When the phone is the "right way" in the case the jack side is up - so cutting a small u-shaped notch in the end of the case (about the size of my pinky nail) did the trick. can easily remove/replace the phone with the headset plugged in.

    Also - I picked up a belkin headset at Walmart for about $13. Earbud with plastic boom style, with pushbutton and volume dial in the boom. Works pretty well.


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