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    Couldnt seem to find the answer to this so perhaps someone could help me out. On the Handspring form fitting case, how does it connect to the plastic belt clip? Is there a protruding round nub on the back? If so, can it be removed? I like the case but do not like to clip it to my belt. Most cases have that plastic thing sticking out the back that makes it a pain to put in your pocket.
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    Unfortunately, you can't remove it. There is another mfrg who has one that can by Covertec:

    Hope that helps,


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    first to answer your question: yes, as the previous replier said, the "nub" on the back of the case isn't removable "from the factory". However, it is plastic, and it can be take care of (ie removed) with a dremel tool with a cut-off wheel in about 5 seconds. Which is 'zactly what I intend to do when I get home this evening. Might have to do a few seconds of hand-filing to ensure results.

    Review of the case: overall I like it in that I can ditch the nub, and the leather is very nice and the stitching looks good and it tightly fits the T600, and it *doesn't* have a 2.5mm thick back as the CaseTechWorks T300 case does.

    However, they did cut corners as the aforementioned CaseTechWorks T300 case does and they don't cover the corners of the Treo, nor much of the upper 1/3 of the sides. The lower corners I intend to fix by canabalizing an old Nokia 5100-series case I have lying about. The upper corners & sides I don't think I can easily do much about.

    Also, the (small) opening for the speaker doesn't match up on my Sprint-version T600, and I intend to enlarge that. And I'm going to enlarge the opening for the headphone jack (plus perhaps grind off some excess body material surrounding the jack so my Jabra Winder's jack more easily mates with it). And I'm going to add a hole for the reset opening in the back.

    The stock holes in the bottom for the sync cable and the mic both seem to line up fine on my case.

    The plastic cover fits pretty well, but I'm considering cutting away the portion that covers the buttons & keys. Haven't decided.

    The back of the case pretty much but not entirely covers the camera lense. It's a quick unsnap to reveal it. I woulda made the portion that folds down to reveal the lens less "tall" and covered more of the T600's sides and such, but whatever.

    Lessee, oh yeah, I wish someone would make a form fit case more along the lines of my Nokia 5100-series cases that fit like gloves and covered all of the tops and sides. In eyeballing this thing, it seems to me that that is certainly possible and could still retain the capability to reveal the camera lense and the SD card slot, and the side volume buttons, et al. It'd just be more expensive to manufacture than the present one.

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    Originally posted by NorCalAl
    Unfortunately, you can't remove it. There is another mfrg who has one that can by Covertec:

    Hope that helps,


    If someone has used the Covertec case, I'd love to hear a review. I'm especially interested in fit and the keyboard/screen see through cover. Can you still use the keypad effectively?
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    This is a very subjective matter...

    I'm currently using the HS formfit case, which has the same plastic cover as the Covertec. The plastice covers the entire front of the phone: the keyboard, nav buttons, 5 way and screen.

    I don't mind the keyboard being covered, but can't stand the screen cover: there is a gap of space between the cover and the screen, as it is recessed compared to the keyboard. This make it very difficult to hit your target with the stylus. I use the stylus more than I would have thought, and it a real pain with this cover.

    The trade off is I feel it's a little safer in the case as a whole (though I dropped the phone yesterday from about 3 feet onto a parking lot and the ant. stub got nicked :-( ).

    IMO, the other annoyance with the HS case is that it covers most of the camera and part of the speaker. What were these guys thinking? to have to unsnap the top of the cover to take a picture is absurd! The Covertec formfit case doesn't have these problems (as far as I can tell from the pics).

    Hope that helps,

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    a lot of the flaws i see is that the headset plug is blocked on many cases (all so far). Even after slicing some space for the headset plug in the treo slip case that it came with, it was useless, because when the phone rang, the case rubbed on a button and kept making the click click click noise.

    then comes the camera, speakerphone, so on. just get them beltclip plastic thingers and glue it on and bam! no case, but you can swing it on your hip or on your dashboard. i hope somebody comes out with a better form/functional case.
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    I thought the case covering the speaker would be a problem, but so far so good. As far as the plastic on the keyboard goes....somehow it seems to help me type, though i've had some difficulty with the letter P...... So far the only thing i dislike is that i have to unclip it to use the camera. Bad enough that the camera startup time is more than a couple seconds for it to "adjust" to the light.......
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    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!

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