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    I'm not talking about PalmVNC or WinHand these programs are crap and work like PC anywhere. I traded in my ipaq and t68 combo for the t600 and now this may be the deal breaker.
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    From what I've been told, no. The only Termserver client for handhelds is on the PPC platform. I'd love to hear that I'm wrong, though.
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    I actually found an RDP (terminal services) client for Palm OS. It's made by DDH Software. The same guys who wrote HanDBase.

    Check it out here:

    The cost is $39.99 and you'll still need a VPN client if your server is not on the internet.
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    Just saw it myself. Now i'm absolutly DYING for an IPSEC client for Palm.. If that is released, I'll be in administrator's Heaven!!!

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