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    Am I the only one that feels having to pay again for PDAnet is wrong? I just bought it in July. Registration says for ALL versions. Now, they want an additional $25 to support the 600.

    Anyone want to BUY a copy of the Treo300 version of PDAnet? If I have to buy a new one, no reason I cannot sell the old one. Still feel betrayed and slighted. Not a large sum of money so I will just shut up now that I have vented I guess but this is one reason why warez groups exist.....

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    I'm not familiar with PDANet (okay, I'm lazy. I bought the 300 version), but there's a chance the reg key is tied to the username. If so, anyone who buys it from you (I'm not sure that's legal, though it does seem moral) may not be able to use it.
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    I agree 100%. I feel ripped off. I have no problem with a developer making a decent profit. But this program was not so cheap in the first place and I would expect to get the T600 version for either no additional cost or a very minor one - maybe $5 or $10. I have not yet decided whether I will buy it again. Since I have no travel coming up soon (the only time I really use the program) I may wait a while and see if someone else comes out with a competing product.

    Compare this to SnapperMail - a bit expensive but they are constantly coming out with new and improved versions, including one for the T600 - and never ask registered users for another penny! They are a class act I would recommend to anyone.
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    I totally agree. I was p*ssed when I saw that they had essentially decided to just dig into the T600 users again who had already supported them. If you have a 300 and paid for the license they should have made it a free upgrade. They might be good developers but they need a marketing person to keep them from alienating customers. As soon as a good alternative comes up they are going to lose people.
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    I hear you guys. I really want to get the two functionality back for 2 way sms that I enjoyed for a brief 1 month on my treo 300. With sprint rolling this out in jan 04 for free I may just hold out in spite

    they pdanet know the upgrade from sprint is comming and I am surprised at their stuborness. I believe one months of service is worth worth $5 not $25

    so about the only thing that I can not do easily via email is forward a web pager from within blazer. any ideas how I could route the send func to mail vs sms?
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    sorry comments were for 600sms which I am bummed about paying for mods pls remove reply post
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    I just now found this thread. I am even more angry about their treatment of customers. I paid for the darn thing 6 weeks before the T600 was released! JuneFabrics should have at least told us at the time that there would be a charge for the upgrade path. When I mailed to discuss this with them, they promptly ignored me. More importantly, I'd actually be willing to pay the upgrade fee except the stupid thing isn't that stable. Everytime I lose a connection I have to reboot my laptop. I'm very dissapointed in these guys. I will not pay them their requested $19 and am hoping that an SDIO bluetooth card is released soon so that I can avoid this whole cable solution.

    Very frustrating indeed...
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    I was a little concerned with JuneFabrics policy of charging for the upgrade from the T300 to the T600, but probably will purchase it after the New Year when I start up travel again.

    They indicated on their site that because this is substantially a new version, they needed to charge for the upgrade.

    I am wondering though if anyone has seen if or tried the SDIO Bluetooth card that is advertised on the PalmOne site (for m500, i705) on the T600?

    Are there any time estimates as to when SD versions of Bluetooth and 802.11b cards are planned for the Treo?
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    There are no Bluetooth drivers for the SDIO card on Palm OS 5(entirely different architecture from Palm OS 4.1). According to some recent article on, the 802.11b drivers have been postponed for the fourth time. The current expected release date is Q1CY04. I'll believe it when I see it.

    There is some hope that Hagiwara Systems will release a bluetooth SDIO card with Palm OS 5.x support. The last date we got from them was during the spring where they stated that this card would be out by Fall. Given the lack of information to date and the fact that there are only a few weeks left in Fall, I don't expect to see that card out before early to mid 2004 either.

    By that point, we should start hearing rumors of the next gen Treo which I would imagine will have hi-res, bluetooth, and 64mb RAM at the very least. I figure I'll be upgrading this device before 2005.

    Good luck.
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    I'm really pissed that there is no Bluetooth SDIO support. Its outright bullsh*t, and the developers responsible need to get their crap together.
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    Mansouan -

    Thanks for the info. Wish the news was better - the slot offers a lot of potential.

    I find it strange that a new device, with the pre-release build up, would prove to be so difficult to get add-ons for. Bluetooth or 802.11b should be a no-brainer for support.

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    No problem. Also, sorry about the posting above where I forgot to state Palm OS 5 and close my is now corrected.

    Before I speak my mind on this topic, let me say that I am a staunch palm supporter and am not looking to rip on the company. That stated, I'd like to comment on your last statement:

    There are two possible reasons why we don't have support on Palm OS 5 for 802.11b or BT: business and technical.

    It appears that the single platform story for I/O is now broken in Palm OS 5 due to the fact that licensees now have their choice of multiple ARM chips. In the 4.1 and lower days, everyone had to use the Moto Dragonball chips and so I/O interefaces weren't an issue. Applications are not an issue on Palm OS 5 because of the higher level at which they run. However, the system board level is not giving us users the same kind of compatibility that we've come to expect. It appears that there is now some non-trivial cross platform porting/testing that must be done for drivers of I/0 devices. This probably means that each platform licensee must support the I/O independent hardware vendor (IHV).

    Keeping in mind the technical issues above, I can't understand why licensees would not want to support the IHVs other than for two reasons: support cost too high or revenue impact. I can't believe the former as being a good reason. Therefore, one has to consider the possibility that the real driver here is that Sony, Palm SG, etc. are not interested in giving users the ability to add 802.11 or BT functionality to their currently existing devices because these companies are dependent upon the LACK of this support as primary upgrade drivers for their current install base.

    I know this sounds quite the conspiracy theory but I know that if I were calling the business decisions at these companies I would probably take this position myself. How will we know? If we start to see Palm releasing dual support devices in the spring similar to the Sony UX50 device, I think that will be strong support for my argument. If the T3 suddenly gains 802.11b support next year as a T4 model, it will be quite suspicious.


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