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    Does anyone know how to change the settings in "Default apps" (Tap Prefs->Default apps in th upper right corner)?

    I want to change the default app for "Browser" from "Web (Blazer 3.0)" to another Browser ...

    It seems HS does not want us to change something here

    Or is there another way to open links from SMS or email with another browser than Web?

    Thanks for any tips.
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    I am having the same problem. In Preferences->Default Apps there is only one app listed for each category. How to I add apps to this list that are installed on my treo?
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    Do you have another browser (like WebPro) installed? If not, you'll only get one option until you install a different browser.

    emfletcher, sounds like perhaps you are confusing this function with the ability to assign applications to the hard keys (phone, calendar, sms, power) which is in Preferences->Buttons.

    If not, my apologies..
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    I have WebPro and Inbox to go installed but when I go to Preferences-> Default Apps the only option for email and messaging is SMS and for browser only web. I would like to change these.

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