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    Yesterday I had 3 strangers start talking to me becuase they saw me using the Treo 600 and asked me all about it and wanted to hold it and play with it.

    I'm going to buy a new car today. going to the same dealer i bought from 3 weeks ago, he too was lusting after the treo 600. he kept telling me he'd give me a better deal if i would give him the treo 600, becuase his wife wouldnt let him buy one now He had the palm m515 (or somehting like that).
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    I've had a number of convergence devices over the years (including a Kyo 6035 & a T300) and AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK - $no$ $stranger$ $has$ $ever$ $broken$ $the$ $unwritten$ $law$ $of$ $the$ $big$ $city$ ($otherwise$ $known$ $as$ $the$ &$quot$;$mind$ $your$ $own$ $business$ $ordinance$&$quot$;) $to$ $ask$ $me$ $about$ $one$ $of$ $these$ $gadgets$.

    Until the Treo 600!

    Now, almost everywhere I go; restaurants, subways, meetings, the gym, sports events, etc. people are asking "Oooh, what is that? Can I try it?".

    Its happened so often that I have begun to wonder what my odds are that someone will just grab it and run during one of these impromptu "demo sessions" - because to be honest, if I could not afford one, I might have considered doing that myself.

    The Treo 600 certainly is ahead of its predecessors in terms of curb appeal to the masses.

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    Me too!

    In restaurants, bars and clubs people have been mightily impressed with all the things it can do!

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