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    I am considering buying a Treo 600. I'm in the UK and already use Orange.

    One thing that I'd really like to do, which would influence me greatly in deciding to proceed, is that I would like to be able to use GPRS to sync my diary with a remote version of same held online somewhere. Thus colleagues can motify my 'online' diary and have the appointments appear on the Treo, and I change the Treo diary and have the items appear on the web (with conflict resolution).

    I see that Orange offers a Backup facility - does this do what I'm looking for or is it literally just server space for holding data?

    I'm aware of the Calendar in Yahoo and that Intellisync software can be used to synchronise this with a PC. But is there anything similar for a Treo 600?

    I'm note that computer-literate so a simple explanation in layperson's terms would be much appreciated!
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    Checkout Time And Chaos from isbister. Another option is from Notwired...
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