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    Does this mean the Cingular one is unlocked?
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    The nice lady who I talked to at Handspring support yesterday told me that the "Cingular" Treo 600 was unlocked and would work on any system.
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    Given that no Cingular T600 order will be processed/shipped before the 17th, I would just hold-on to my money and wait..

    "Customers who attempt to use this version on other GSM/GPRS networks may experience issues such as slower data rates..."

    "We highly recommend that customers of other GSM/GPRS mobile service providers wait until your mobile service provider's cerified version becomes available."

    Why risk having warranty/service/"sorry we don't support that" issues on a $600 phone?

    Also, I've been with T-mobile for 2 years and I am very happy with them. Furthermore, nobody can beat their equipment-protection plan that covers pretty much anything (from theft to accidental damage) for around $3 a month.

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