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    lets see how everyone stacks up.

    i've had mine for about 2 weeks and i got 33738 kilobytes of Life Data used to far.

    to see how much you've used hit ##786
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    since i stream stations from pTunes, my usage has skyrocketed to 69395kb. i've had mine since 10/17.
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    17mb in my first day

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    1 week.. 52 megs. Only a few minutes of streaming, and about 1 minute of testing PDANet. Since I pull .zip files straight down to install software, I often get zips that include .doc .pdf and other large files, which ultimately don't get installed, so I'm pulling down a lot more than what actually stays in the Treo.

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    17961 kilobytes after four days.
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    35,846 kilobytes since 10/14/03. no downloading, just browsing.
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    43482 kilobytes in 25 days just browsing and emailing.
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    67mb in browsing and email
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    almost 25 mb of browsing and email checking in the 2 weeks I've had it.
    and off the topic a bit, just want to say that the browsing speed rocks!! I had a sanyo 5300 before, and this little machine kicks its a***!
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    100 Mb in 3 weeks for me.
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    How long until we all get letters accusing us of using our Treos as modems for our computers??!!
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    About a month - 46 MB. Mostly email and light web browsing...
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    sheesh, my usage is pretty high then. im scared =-O
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    That code doesn't work on my UK Orange GSM phone - anyone know a code the get that info for this phone??
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    That code doesn't work on my UK Orange GSM phone - anyone know a code the get that info for this phone??
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    28 MB in three weeks of e-mail and browsing. Glad I'm not paying $0.01 per KB!
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    I assume all of you are in the states. What tariff do you have for gprs over there?
    How come it is so cheap?

    I am on orange and I have paid 30quid for 30Mb a month
    At the mo I am scared to use it.

    ANyone know how to get the download/upload stats on the Orange one? Is there a seperate app or will orange know?


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    Not feeling too bad, now. I've tried to keep it low and I'm at 21MB for 3 weeks. I want to see how Sprint handles the "unlimited" plan before I start to rely heavily on PDANet and such.

    PDANet saved me the other day when I was in an old hotel trying to get some work done over my VPN, though. Awesome app.
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    106124 kb in about two weeks.

    Is that a lot? I do a lot of browsing.
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    ok, i guess i don't feel so bad anymore. lol. jk. wow, 106MB huh.
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