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    Unlimited means unlimited.

    I surfed a lot with my 300 also and never had a problem.

    And PCS is in no position to run off good paying customers. They are about to get killed by number portability.
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    yes but they are very sneaky with the fine print in the Terms of Service, aren't they?
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    169954 kilobytes and growing!
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    yeahhhhhhhhhh! go go go!
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    22510 kilobytes = 22.51 MB since 10/14/03.

    I would have tought it would be at least double that.
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    Originally posted by pablosbrain
    169954 kilobytes and growing!

    HOW???? Jesus man, they are going to be in contact with you...

    bad dog...
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    Hey do you guys know if KBTracker works on the Treo600?
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    117325... a lot of that is probably due to streaming pTunes as well.
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    54,894 since 10/25 (most within the last few days with the addition of shoutcast in p-tunes!)
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    I read on another forum that a gig a month would get their attention. Someone else claimed you might get contacted if you consistently used over 200-300 mb a month.

    Can PCS even accurately monitor data? I recall at first they were going to charge per kilobyte for Vision, but ended up offering the cheap unlimited plans because their monitoring software wasn't working well.

    Did anyone here use PDAnet a lot with their Treo 300 and have any problems?
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    169954 kilobytes and growing!
    I do a lot of web browsing and emailing on it as well as instant messaging and I also now have just recently been using pocket tunes. But the majority of it is from email with attachments and remote syncing and stuff. But I did the same before on my Treo 300. I'm pretty sure its up a little from what I did on the 300 but not much.
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    Looks like one gig is the monthly limit:
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    110mb, all pr0n!!
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    just kidding

    I do have 110mb tho, since 10/9
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    You guys are lucky:

    30MB GPRS costs around 45 USD here in UK!

    100 MB GPRS is 90 USD.
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    When I enter ##786 on my Treo300, I do not see any KB usage listed. Instead, the first line I see is:

    List Timer (minutes): 2422

    Can this translate into KB somehow?

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    Originally posted by dlwiii
    List Timer (minutes): 2422

    look at the line below that - Life Data (kilobytes)

    PS - I have been listening to shoutcast all day - up to 198000!!!!
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    Nope, the line after that says:

    Refurbished: No

    Nothing else looks anything like a measure of KB.

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    wowwwwww! that's the most i've seen so far
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    o - sorry didn't realize you were on a 300...

    not sure about that one - I'll look on my old one when I get home & see if I can find it
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