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    Just got Adelphia cable internet, and a treo 600, and a GSM prc of Mail! Both Mail and Snapper say give a 550 error about relaying not allowed; can't use adelphia SMTP while using another isp.

    Anyone had this issue? Adelphia customer service help any? Can they override this??? close
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    Most ISP's won't relay SMTP as a policy, ostensibly to prevent spammers. I even tried to get a friend of mine in tech support at Earthlink to help me get past their restriction. No dice.

    The only ways to get around this situation, IMO, is to find a mom n' pop server, or to build your own.
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    A lot of ISP's offer SMTP Authentication where you log in with a username and password. Or else you could use the sprintpcs SMTP server.

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