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    Has anyone had issues with their Biz Con access to the server? My first problem occurred last night and my phone had to be reset via SPCS. It happened again today, this time the server kept asking me to "Edit Account" information (last night it could not authenticate my phone). Ironically, these problems happened after I installed Eudora (just wanted to try it out). My phone was reset again with the Vision services and it seems to be working fine. Anyone else have issues?

    BTW, I'm sure you all know this but SPCS Technical Support SUCKS! I have never in my life talked to the rudest, condescending individuals supposedly working to help customers. The first customer rep I talked to tonight had NO CLUE what the problem was...I only told him 2 sentences about the issue and he immediately assumed what it was (no trouble-shooting at all), wrote a ticket, and hanged up the phone. I then called back and was transferred to a wonderful lady that performed the basic trouble-shooting tasks (the English accent helped also -) ). She solved the problem by doing the basics. My point is, SPCS is full of idiots, keep calling back until you get the basic trouble-shooting assessment (pw/username check, server status, phone reset, etc...). I was THIS CLOSE to sending the TREO back and canceling my SPCS...
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    Hmm, after your first paragraph I wanted to jump in and suggest some ideas, based on having used BizConn myself. But after your second flaming paragraph, I'm not as inspired....

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