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    I've tried this with and without the SSL option checked off using the default and SSL ports recommended on the setup screen.

    The best result I got is the device connected, synchronized and retrieved mail, but when all those messages stopped, I still don't have any messages in my Inbox.

    Works fine with my Exchange mail at work.

    Any suggestions?
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    js24 - A standard set of questions would be:

    1. Are you trying to configure via IMAP or POP?

    2. If it is IMAP did you configure this via the Web Interface or on the BC desktop client.

    3. Take a look at your C:\Program Files\Sprint\PCS Business Connection\slingshot.log file and see if you can find a line like:

    Mon Nov 03 07:41:47 PST 2003 (2996-2916): *** Exiting error : 0x00c0000005

    If you find this then the Desktop client is probably crashing. Look at the timestamp to see if it corresponds to just after your mobile device is done syncing.

    That's enough Q&A to get started.
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    I set up using POP. The Optimum Website only shows instructions for POP.

    I'll check on the log file tomorrow. The host is running at work. I'm wondering whether firewall restrictions there may be causing my problem.

    Can I install the the BC software at home for my personal (Optimum Online) mail in addition to my copy that's running at work and receive mail from both accounts on my device?

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