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    Thanks NCTreo600, with that little routine I see now the the 5-way up/down performs pgup/pgdn. I had not played with it enough to stumble upon the sequence for getting it into this mode.

    That pretty much covers navigational needs for reading word documents. I usually don't try to edit doc's.

    I'm still getting use to how navigation works in spreadsheets but I see it's the same routine for activating the 5 way.

    BTW, nice tricycle you have...

    Robert G. Eshelman
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    Docs to Go usefulness is clearly more than just a reader. If that's all one needs, just use the free included reader that came with the T600. The power of Docs to Go is as a true word processor and spreadsheet that allows the creation and editing of exisiting texts/spreadsheets. In its current form, one cannot edit without using the stylus since there is no way of moving the cursor, excpet for page up/down. A reasonable implementation of the 5-way would allow for moving by cell/letter/line or by page by combining the arrow and alt keys.
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    Well that's a good point, maybe I should have tried the reader more. But I do like the sync ability. With the reader, it seemed you had to have to SD card to transfer docs from the PC. Plus I do use spreadsheets for doing conversions and some other calculations.

    But it just seems to difficult to do much editing with such a small screen and keybd.

    Good ideas on the 5-way, I hope you will submit to DataViz.

    Robert G. Eshelman
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    Robert, the more you use it the more you'll want the full functionality. I have sent my comments in, and as I mentioned above, they've told me that the more people ask for these changes, the faster they'll do them. So, if you have the time and inclination, you might send them a note as well. The contact info is higher up in this thread. Robert
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    MobileGuy - completely agree. However, with the free reader, people still may need to know how to make it active to page down with the d-pad. So, I feel I may have helped someone (Robert, for instance) ;->

    Robert - just upgraded to a bike
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