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    HI, I just want to mention that last wed nite I ordered 1 pak of 3 styli and 2 stereo adapters from DREAMPAGES.COM. They 1st told me it the order would be shipped when the styli came in, which should be about a week. The following day I got an email from them telling me the styli came in a week earkly and they were shipping everything out.


    I would highly recommend them to anyone, take care, Jay
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    Thats great. Now give the rest of us some of that juice you're drinking so we can understand you.(burp).
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    Dear ORR,

    I am disabled and you will have to live with my rotten typing. I also have been up 36 hrs straight as I have a parent in the hospital and the other recently passed away, both of my parents moved into my house, as they were in their 80's and it was the best way for me to make sure they were OK. In fact my Mother, has been hospitallized 6 times in 3 months and I am carring for her, trying to run the house and run a support group for fibromyalgia. If you have been following the board for the past 9 months, it is not a secret that I am disabled. But apparently it is a secret that you are well mannered.

    So you should be pleased enough that I was nice enough to post any info at all on the boards today!

    I am sure you could figure out that in spite of my horrible typing. I want to say that, Larry of Dream Pages has been maligned on this site, I found he to be more than a man of his word. The styli came in a week sooner than expected and the package arrived here far faster than most firms ship ups ground.

    O and BTW I will trade you any day. My disablities for your sitting on that great while tower in a postion to make snide comments. We all cannot be Mavis Beacon graduates. There are days, I am lucky enough to even get the computer on, let alone to have to deal with Drangon Naturally speaking.

    The pain is so bad the past few days using the keyboard is out of the questions. I am so sorry that I did not pass the typing standards you so strongly require.

    In other words, if you do not know the other persons story, please do not criticize. I make comments about people rudeness, never about their typing, sytax or content of what they are posting. Unless you have been appointed St Francess of Assis or the Pope or a Rabbi or a Rev. please know someones story before sniping at them for something they cannot due much about. In fact I think the site and the TREO users are more knowledgeable for having to look at the point of view of the disabled when dealing with a product or a service!

    After all, since you do not know me, you could not know that before I became disabled I was self employed from age 15 and travel around the world doing consulting for major cruise lines amongst other firms. That I ran the buiness for 25 years until I injured or that I have twice had spinal surgery and I am lucky to be alive let alone somewhat able to communicate on the inofrmational superhighway. In otherwords, I hope can find help pulling your feet, (both of them), out of your mouth.

    You also would not know that I was invited to address members of the US House of Reps. about medicare reform, (Yes medicare, even thought I am 47, when you are disabled for more than 29 months you get the same medicare as seior citz. get and that I was interviewed by a number of national magaizines and newspapers on that subject. I sepficily was asked to speak about the fact that if you are under 65 and disabled that Medigap ins. is not available in all but 2 states anlonger! This is a major concern since my last spinal surgery was 9 1/2 hrs long and cost s hundreds upon hundreds of $ and I do not have any co insurance over medicare since it is not offered anlong in Florida!
    In spite fo the fact that my college degree, and 25 years of training were in the filed of Horticulture)!
    Please have a good nite and be well, take care, Jay M. Silverman
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    O BTW I am sure you can assume from my screen name that I am a very good cook and bake very well. THis week I am featuring a special recipe just for you, Pie made from Crow with a side order of ala mode!
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    I apologize for hurting your feelings. A simple 'I am disabled you turd' would have sufficed. Lighten up.
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    Good evening, No it wouldn't have, this way you will remember the taste of shoe leather for a long time, and you'll be a better person b/c of it! Besides, I do not want an appology from you, I just want to be treated with the same respect as you would treat you mother, father, child or loved one!, take care, Jay

    Ps BTW the turd is not in my everyday vocaubulary thank you, but it will do in a pinch!.

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