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    I have been using business connection personal edition with a Treo 600 and my corporate network at work, using Microsoft Outlook. The BC seems to be slowing down my Outlook to the point of making it unusable. In particular, unread messages on Outlook take forever (several minutes) to bring up on my screen. Once I read a message and its header fades from bold to regular type, I can scroll through them as normal. My corporate tech people say I am the only one having this problem, and the only one using the Treo and BC software.
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    Many people have this problem. I think they are working on a fix, but don't know when the ETA is.
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    Hmmm. I talked to a second level support person at Sprint and he told me this was the first they had heard of it. Pretty much shuts down your Outlook. I would think it would be a big deal.
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    They mustn't be that aware. It's been discussed a few times here, and I know I have experienced it myself, though not to the point of making Outlook unusable.
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    DMW - Here's some steps to help quantify the problem to know whether it is Exchange related or client related. These were from my thread on the Treo 300 section.

    1) What version of Exchange are you working on?

    2) What version of the PE client are you using?

    3) What operating system are you using?

    4) Are alerts or push's enabled enabled?

    5) Are any other services (IMAP or POP) configured?

    6) When you see the problem, have you tried to re-start the BC client. If no luck there then restart Outlook. If no luck there then reboot your workstation?

    If #6 does not clear the problem then it is probably related to the Exchange Server side...

    7) Does this problem go away after a certain period of time? (like 3-5 days) Does it seem to get better at some point during the week?

    If the answer is yes to #7 (although they may never realize it), then it could be the search table caching issue on the Exchange Server which appears to be a known problem according to this KB article from MS:

    It turns out MS clears these tables every week in the default setting so the symptoms could persist.

    That KB article is pretty detailed and only those with Exchange IT experience would be able to perform the tests in it and tell whether the user is in this state and perform the corrective action and tests recommended by Microsoft.

    What is important here is to quantify the problem first at the client or server level. This will be an extremely valuable clue to the sporadic Outlook slowdown issues reported here on TreoCentral. It could also play a big part in BC figuring out how to code around this interesting defect talked about in the MS KB article if that is indeed the case.
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    Wow. Great stuff. I will onpass it to my tech people. Thanks.
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    DMW - Any update from your tech people on the information I posted?
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    My IT guy is loathe to install a patch on the exchange server for fear of screwing up the other 2000 non-Treo users he has to take care of. But I have managed to establish personal contact with a Sprint tech person who is taking an interest in the problem and is trying to diagnose it and see if there is another way to fix it. I believe they have also engaged the company that wrote the software for them. So there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Tks DMW - Actually they don't have to install anything to initially prove that Exchange is thrashing under the conditions described int he MS KB article. They could do Step 2 which allows them to identify that it matches the problem Microsoft is describing. Here's step 2 from the KB article for others benefit. Of course you have to be friends with your Exchange Administrator which helps or be in a position to make sure they can help you. You may want to ask them just about that test and see what they say. Sprint and everyone here might find the information useful.

    Test 2
    Stop the information store.
    At a command prompt, go to the Exchsrvr\Bin folder and run the following command:
    isinteg -pri|pub -dump -l logfilename

    WARNING: This command dumps details of all of the folders in the specified database. Depending on the size of the database, the log file that is produced may be quite large.
    Examine the log file and look for any folders with large numbers of entries under the following fields:
    Search FIDs=
    Recursive FIDs=
    Search Backlinks=
    Categ FIDs=

    For example:
    Search FIDs=0001-000000000418,0001-00000000041B,0001-000000000421, 0001-000000000423,0001-000000000424,0001-000000000428,0001-00000000042D

    If this continues for several hundred entries, you are experiencing the behavior discussed in this article.


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