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    Long story short, I would like to get a browser based webmail package going for all the mobile users at my company. Most of them have a Treo 600 or 300, but not all.

    I won't go into details, but it can't be application based, it needs to be browser based. I would like to have some form of a script where they go to a URL, enter their username and passoword, and the site spits back their e-mail. Basic webmail stuff, that's the easy part. What I *also* would like is for it to format the messages for a 160x160 screen. So far I have found nothing good, and Google is not helping.

    Anyone have any good suggestions? Is there a Palm based Webmail package.

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    My webhosting service uses three different web based solutions in addition to offering pop access.




    I don't know if any of these will do what you need but they are basic web based email solutions using a browser only.
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    This is a company that SnapperMail recommends. They offer pop3, imap. and web accounts. I use them and am very pleased. On a basic level they are even free. Their web page shows up nicely on the Treo 600. Give them a look.

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    Take a look at

    The offer just about everything you could ask for when it comes to a browser based email system. They also have an excellent Forum of active users that has been invaluable at times.
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    Not quite what I'm looking for...

    The webmail needs to be something I can run on my servers to access my corporate e-mail for all users.

    Good finds though.

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    Not sure why you're posting this in this forum, it's more of a sw issue, and not really a Treo sw issue. But...why don't you just use the built in webmail functionality of Exchange?! You didn't mention what your server was based on, so i'm assuming it's Micro$oft using Exchange.
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    Because Blazer + Exchange = not rendering properly.

    My OS X Server stuff works great, it's the MS stuff that fails...
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    The topic of OWA access using the new MS mobile server has been discussed on this board in some detail. The new server appears to render OWA access very well for mobile browsers with no frames.
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    silverdragon -- you might already realize this, but whatever mail system you use (POP server, IMAP, Exchange, etc.) -- Sprint Business Connection provides not only access on Treos & other Palm/PPC phones, but also the web access you're describing. From the web interface you can access mail, calendar, contacts, documents, etc. So you don't need to choose a "webmail" solution specifically -- you can choose any POP- or IMAP-compliant solution and then access it via BizConn. Hope that helps...
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    Works on Apache/PHP configured MAC OSX and can be be used with POP or IMAP accounts. Also can use flat files or mySQL if you have larger amounts of mail and traffic.

    I like it.

    While you're at it, if you're using your own server, check out smsbiff:

    You can configure it to send an SMS message to your Treo when mail comes in to your account on the server. I combine it with spambouncer (, which filters Spam into separate folders on the server so I don't get paged for SPAM.

    Plus, since it's not M$, it's all free!

    Let me know if you go this way I can try to help...

    Good luck,
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    It has a "simple mode" you can turn on that works and renders very well on the Treo's small screen.
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    There we go! Awesome guys, thank you!

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    Originally posted by silverdragon
    Not quite what I'm looking for...

    The webmail needs to be something I can run on my servers to access my corporate e-mail for all users.

    Good finds though.


    Take a look at: <-- it's not free, but not expensive and has a really nice web user interface

    It's php/mysql.

    Let me know what you think...I'm thinking of offering it to some of my customers for my website.
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    My favorite webmail package has always been SquirrelMail, lots of plugins. A few versions ago someone had written a patch that stripped down the interface so that it would display well on a pda. I doubt that patch would still work, however maybe if enough people ask, the developers would take a look at it again.

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    Here's a second vote for Squirrelmail. PHP-based, very full-featured (with a plug-in architecture covering everything from address lookups to spam filters). I run it on my linux box at home, although I don't think it's linux-specific.

    Accessing it from my Treo 300 (I should have my 600 tonight - my wife wasn't home when FedEx tried to deliver it yesterday), I have to select a frame, and it doesn't remember my login and password between sessions, but those are my only nits - other than that, it displays fine in Blazer and even better in Eudora, and it makes it easy to not only read my mail, but also to manage it remotely. With Blazer 3 (which understands frames) it should be even better.
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    I use and implement Oracle's Collaboration Suite... its wireless portal gives me access to not only my email (with new mail notifications) but calendar, my files, instant messaging, my address book, SMS and my faxes. The software is only $60 per user and runs nicely on Linux. If someone could tell me how to get a screen shot from my T600, I'd show what the portal looks like. Plus, if you still want a "fat" client on your Treo, you can access the Suite via POP or IMAP.
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    bereuter: as an individual, can I sign up for Oracle Collaboration Suite? Also, can you describe the 'thick client' for the Treo? Is this something Oracle provides, or do you mean anyone's 3rd party email app for the Treo? Thanks
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    My company hosts Collaboration Suite with a 10 user minimum with a set-up fee and $10 for hosting. Otherwise you would have to set up the software to run on your own hardware/OS. I know there are other companies that host the software, but I don't know if they have user minimums as well.
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