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    I promised a screenshot of the Oracle Portal to Go for their Collaboration Suite and I finally figured out how to pull that off. Attached is a look at my Portal and some of the options... If there is more interest I'll get screenshots of the mail/calendar/etc screens.
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    Update on Squirrelmail: My Treo 600 arrived on Tuesday and, while I'm overall pretty happy with it, the web-browsing experience deteriorated a bit for me. It seems faster, but the support for frames killed my default install of Squirrelmail, which draws a fixed-length frame for folders on the side. Blazer 3 honored the width, then scrunched the message window so tight (with no horizontal scrollbar) that I couldn't access my messages. To get it working, I had to alter some of the squirrelmail code (mostly HTML, some PHP) to remove the folders frame and replace it with a "jump to folders" plug-in that retains access to them. A workable solution, but a pain. I'm happy to share the fixes (which are buried on the support site) with anyone in the same boat.

    I note, also, that my palm-aware Groupwise webmail is sloppier with the new Blazer (items don't line up correctly). My personal site, which is designed in pure xHTML, fares much better, but most of the web still uses fixed-length tables to format pages, as well as horrifying frames, so this might not be a big improvement...

    Here's a second vote for Squirrelmail. PHP-based, very full-featured (with a plug-in architecture covering everything from address lookups to spam filters). I run it on my linux box at home, although I don't think it's linux-specific.

    Accessing it from my Treo 300 (I should have my 600 tonight - my wife wasn't home when FedEx tried to deliver it yesterday), I have to select a frame, and it doesn't remember my login and password between sessions, but those are my only nits - other than that, it displays fine in Blazer and even better in Eudora, and it makes it easy to not only read my mail, but also to manage it remotely. With Blazer 3 (which understands frames) it should be even better.
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    where do I need to go to get those patches? What's the URL of your support site?

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    Gopherking is a great webmail product. I have used it with Blazer and Xinio on the Treo 300. You can get a 2 week free trial, and then there is an annual fee. It is a low bandwidth interface that will consolidate all pop3 and hotmail/yahoo mail type accounts into a single site. Optional spam filtering is included.

    Take a look at

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    Originally posted by BryanRagon
    where do I need to go to get those patches? What's the URL of your support site?

    Assuming that this is in reply to my Squirrelmail post, the Squirrelmail home/support site is at

    I went to documentation, Wishlist at and did a text search for "frames". There are four "patches" listed in about the middle of the section. I didn't apply them as patches using some sort of patch software, but, instead, read them and made the modifications to the individual PHP files as indicated. Then I went to the plugins section, folders, and installed the "jump to Folder" plugin, and configured it under folder options to display on every page.

    Note that I did all of this to a copy of my Squirrelmail folder. While the frameless version works fine on my Treo, and fairly well on my desktop, jumping to a folder opens the folder in a new window, and that's kind of annoying. So I'll use the frames version on my desktop and the noframes on my treo.
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    if you've installed SM on a linux machine, you can also symlink the plugins directory of one to the plugins directory of the other to minimize the housework you have to do to keep them both maintained.
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    Are the patches you're reffering to the sm-lite patches? The newest version I can find is applied to squirrelmail v1.20. They're now at 1.4.2 or so. If I apply the patch manually to get around the minor variations, will it still work?

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