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    Can anyone verify if a TT and a treo 600 can coexist on the same machine with two different users. Want to know if wife can inherit TT when the 600 arrives.

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    well, I have a tungsten2, a zire 71 and a treo 600 all peacefully coexisting on the same computer, so I'd saoy you're ok. just watch that you use different usernames and download the palm desktops that come with each device, since there are some differences on each.
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    I'm running a Tungsten T3 and a Treo 600 on the same system. The only glitch i ran into was the new conduit names installed by the T3 (Datebook became Calendar, memopad became memos, etc) had to go into each hotsync profile and turn off the duplicate conduits for the appropreate device, but after that the units have lived together without a hassle.
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    Hi David,

    Kevin from Handspring here. I spoke with another resource at Handspring and can confirm what others have said here. The TT and Treo 600 can live on the same machine.


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    Hey ShadowDweller,

    Could you list the right way to go about this and the conduit names that you turned off and whether you are synching with Palm Desktop PIM or Outlook?

    I assume it is something like this:

    1. Install Treo 600 software and do first synch
    (you will either have Palm Desktop conduits or Chapura PocketMirror activated)

    2. Install Tungsten T3 software and do synch with T3
    (has whole new conduit set)

    3. Go back and turn off some conduits that T3 has duplicated
    (because T3 desktop tries to work with former Palm devices too by having a set of new conduits for the new T3 PIM apps plus leaving the old PD and Outlook conduits in place)

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $a$ $T3$ $does$ $not$ $use$ $Chapura$ $conduits$ $or$ $the$ $old$ $Palm$ $Desktop$ $conduits$ $as$ $they$ $rewrote$ $the$ $conduits$ $for$ $the$ $extended$ $PIM$ $in$ $the$ $T3$. $The$ $issue$ $is$ $what$ $do$ $you$ $turn$ $off$ $to$ $make$ $your$ $Treo$ $happy$ $so$ $that$ $both$ $T3$ $and$ $Treo$ $synch$

    I would not even want to contemplate how to synch a Clie, old Palm, T3 and Treo on the one PC.

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