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    Has anyone experienced the same 600 rollout issues with Palm for their Tungsten and Zire product lines? ...and what about the treatment of beta testers/early adopters.

    I want to know will "Pa1mOne" be a bigger and better company?...a more "experienced" company?... when it comes to rolling out its products and will the early adopters be treated with “some” respect when upgrades come around. (I do understand there are risks with being an early adopter)

    I got my 180 when it first came out and I love it...and I was ready to buy the 600 when the first teaser newsletter was sent out. But something does seem fishy about this rollout. I feel like a child waiting for a Christmas present...but at least I knew a "date" when it was Christmas!!

    I played with a sprint 600 at Best Buy during lunch and I was loving it....can't wait til Tmo 600 comes out..."soon"..."in a few weeks"..."late fall"...just hope "Pa1mOne" will show some love for the early adopters when the "Next big Thing comes out"...(I got a feeling its going to be coming “soon”…”in a few weeks”…”late spring” )

    To recap: Has anybody had any bad experiences with Palm products...or are things going to get better?

    Can't help but feel like a sex tool in big business four play
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    I guess since we've all consolidated to a smartphone....we haven't been in the market for any PDA only devices recently....

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