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    Moved to its permanent home!

    For those of you who already visit on a regular basis we have left an automatic redirector to the new site at our old URL.

    Don't forget to update those bookmarks!

    If you've never visited, come take a look:

    Treo 600 Essentials is a new browser-friendly site specifically for Treo 600 users. Its content is driven by user request.

    Thanks to everyone for making this new resource a success!

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    FYI - there is now an "Accessories" category. I've begun to collect links for the more "essential" items like screen protectors, cases, SD cards, headsets, earphones, and more.

    And as always I have continued to refine the look and feel of the site.

    If you have suggestions for items that you feel should be linked or just would like to offer feedback, please send e-mail to:

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    I was about to go to bed when I glanced at the site statistics...

    The site just hit the 10,000 hit mark and did so in less than 5 days at an average of around 2000 hits per day and growing steadily.

    I never imagined when I started dropping items in my web directory that things would evolve so quickly into what we have today - in less than a week!

    As always, I appreciate all the feedback and requests that I've recieved and look forward to more.


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    ... when you're good, you're good!
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    The site is finally dialed in with regard to the GUI - it's decidely a clean minimalist approach influenced by OSX.

    With regard to usability and performance the site can now be navigated completely with one hand, the number keys and the 5 way nav, and I've made speed increases throughout by streamlining code and graphics.

    As always feedback is welcomed.

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    Great site! I'm glad to see you integrated the 5 Nav pad. IMO, if you want to make this site even better, you should add a community wallpaper section similar to what's been done at I500 Headquaters. That site has an awesome colleciton of skins/wallpaper for the SPH-i500 that users have uploaded and shared. If you could do something at Treo 600 essentials, that would be truely marvelous. That would be a great way for users to share images/wallpapers with each other directly via their T600's...
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    i love the idea - i have some stuff you should add:

    under accessories add all the discussions going around about different headsets, and some keyboard models (like the palm wireless or the HS). the boxwave sync cable w/ car adapter is a great one too. also what about some of the available cases???

    under software add treo600SMS, and maybe TakePhone, AvantGo, or others people put on the boards as their "top 3"?

    under tips we should put stuff like how to set pix for callerID, the perfect size etc. when creating background images (wallpaper).

    let me know if you're hearing me

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    ps i second the wallpaper section too - being able to go here and get them from the treo would be SUPER phat.
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    I was thinking of creating a Treo Tip Blog, but I didn't know if I'd have enough to support it. For now I'd add the Alarm clock trick using the freeware "lookat" program to launch Pockettunes automatically.

    I'd also add a section on mmplayer and encoding. This is something that takes a new user weeks to learn to do. And rventui (I think that was his username) came up with a file that works 100% for me. It's pretty fantastic if you can deal with the multimedia on the Treo 600 screen, which I'm not sure I can. I realize this section would have to be done on a PC, but I'd consider it an essential.

    Lastly, I'd add something about the streaming capabilities of the beta version of pockettunes. If you didn't spend time on the discussion boards you'd likely miss that.
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    the blog is a great idea - we can link to it from treoessentials... i'm a developer - do you guys need any help maintaining these? i acutally had an idea like treoessentials myself but would much rather contribute to the existing site...
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    I was considering creating a Treo600 Wiki which would fulfill this roll well, and allow everyone to contribute. How would everyone feel about this, and would you all donate info ?
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    what's a wiki? excuse my ignorance but if we set up a blog at blogger can everyone (anyone) post to it?
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    a Wiki is a text based web page that EVERYONE can edit.

    -I write a little artcle about how to encode video for MMPlayer.
    -UnKnown to me I make sever mistakes.

    -You read the article and see the mistake. You have the ability to
    -edit the page and correct my mistakes.

    The Wiki can also contain links and such.
    The most wll known example of a wiki would be

    Also the formating should be great for a mobile version.
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    As we speak, I'm setting up a WAP friendly blog interface for tips at

    I am looking for a volunteer to administrate this sub section of the site and make sure the content is relevant and not duplicated.

    I'd prefer someone responsible with a background in design and technical development or possibly someone with an editorial history.

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    derek i'll help you out... i have a question about blogs though (from above) - if you set one up on blogger or something - how do you allow anyone to post to it?

    i'm a software engineer/web developer by trade so i can handle the piece... let me know how i can help.
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    So this'll probably be an unpopular opinion but here goes...

    I don't like the idea of letting everyone add content to a web page. There will be lots of problems keeping it clean and usable - that alone will be a full time job.

    So. I prefer to make it a blog and have people use email to submit tips to the blog admins. Blogs can have members so if there's someone who has become trusted thru good tip submissions, etc, you can add them as a contributor.

    Make sense?
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    yeah no problem - i'll review, format and post tips. i'll just need access to that folder/page on your server via FTP? or how would you like me to post them after verifying/formatting?
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    When I get the blog interface set up, I'll create an admin account for you. All you'll have to do is log into the blog admin page and create a new post. The post will get automatically placed on my server.
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    ok post on there for people to send tips to
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    what happened to the old simple interface, I liked the simplicity of just the title. Just my 2 cents...
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