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    I have never before been so much in awe of a piece of technology.

    I'm afraid to even turn the thing on.

    What are the first things I should do with it -- other than call Sprint and activate an account?

    Should I totally uninstall my existing Hotsynch software and conduits?

    What are the first three or so must-have apps I should load?

    Please tell us about your honeymoon days and hours with your phone and what you did!
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    Kevin from Handspring here. Are you upgrading to the 600 from a previous Treo model? You can take a look at this page from Handspring that deals with a variety of upgrade situations:

    Hope this helps!

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    Get link. Thanks for the info. I will be upgrading from a Treo 90 to a Treo 600. I was glad to see an information page for it.
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    Thanks Kevin!

    Very useful.
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    Here is what you do:

    1) Call Sprint and do all the phone work. Also ask for vision to be turned on, get your Vision email and password and account name set up.

    2) Install the 600 as a new Palm User. If your Treo 90 was called Sylvia90 or Treo90 call this new one Sylvia600 or Treo600. So not fill the 600 with info from the old Sylvia90. You might be importing all sorts of conflicts and headaches that will never be resolved.

    Later, Export the address, todo, memos and date from the 90 to files and Import them into the 600 in the Palm software on your desktop. That way you'll have all the info passed.

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