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    Havent got my t600 on internet yet - need to go to TMN to find out how to (Portuguese phone company) FOund various sites with .mid files but when i try to add them to hotsync manager it says it can only put them on sd card which i don't have yet. If i had one could i put them on and then copy them accross or how on a mac do i turn them into .pdb do i just change the 3 letters?

    thanks in advance
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    Seems to me they have excluded the ability to drag files onto the phone via USB as a means of making you pay for data transfer via email or internet.

    I cannot understand why else such a simple requirement would be excluded.

    I have managed to get pictures to and from my mac by sending them via infrared to my T68i, then via bluetooth to my Mac - but because the T68i doesn't support midi files it won't work with them. Perhaps you have another phone that has bluetooth and can recognise midi files?
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    also if i download pdb files from palmgear-they have various collections for sale - ive tried their demos but cant find the tunes when i install the pdbs do i need other software?
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    I don't know about the Mac, but on a PC with an IR port, you can point the 600 at the port and a display a window on the PC which allows you to drag files (such as midis) onto the 600.
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    Did you try changing the destination from SD Card to the device itself in the Palm Install tool?

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