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    Message did not complelety post so here it is:

    When did you order your Cingular Treo, i ordered mine 11/02/2003 09:42:37 PM

    Was wondering if anyone knew when they started taking orders.

    By the way, the CSR told start processing 11/17, but won't start shipping until about 2 weeks later. So it will probably be end of November or early Dec until i get mine...

    The wait continues
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    11/02/2003 09:50:33 PM didn't list the Cingular phone as available when I checked earlier in the day (maybe 4pm-ish). I was surprised to see it listed when I checked back around 9pm.
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    I bought mine from its $564 for unlocked when they start shipping 11/30 compared to the $699 that has for a Cingular set without service. No way I'm paying $699 and potentially receiving the same one around the same time frame!!!

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