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    has anyone bought Treo 600 accessories from Dans Cellular Accessories? (via eBay)

    they list a number of "OEM" accessories, but i'm trying to find out if they are, in fact, the *same* products that you'd get ordering from handspring.

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    I just ordered a stereo headset adaptor. I'll let you know after I receive it. If they aren't OEM, Dan's in trouble for using the Handspring logo all over the place!
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    I have and they are. He buys them in bulk without all the pretty packaging. They have the Handspring label on them. I have been very pleased.

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    I'll second that. Got extra synch and charge cables, and they were the real thing. Good stuff, great price. Go Dan!

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    I bought my slip case and screen protectors from them. Very quick service and excellent prices. I'm going back for another charger soon.
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    Dan's the Man!

    $40.12 total shipped price for USB Cradle and Treo Stero Headset.

    Arrived in less than 5 days.

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    No problem with dan, awesome prices and real deal oem stuff! Bought numerous items from him!
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    Bought my first two items from Dan a couple of days ago. Got my 600 keyboard yesterday (was to me in less than 5 days) and my cradle for my 600 today.

    BTW - The keyboard is awesome. Probably the best I've had with all my palm devices since the clamshell one I used back when I had a Palm III. It's design and form factor are really cool and I love that I can charge it while I type if I choose. Also glad I don't have to worry with IR mirrors anymore!

    The crade is also a nice solid piece. Way better than the one I bought for my 300. It keeps my phone upright on my desk, while charging it, and doesn't take up hardly any room at all.

    Dan's great and he ships quick! Highly recommend. Bought all mine off eBay too.
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    Another satisfied "Dan" customer here. I purchased the OEM form fit leather case. It is excellent quality for half the price. I dont see him selling them anymore, maybe they are backordered...
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    i am also a satisfied customer of dan's. just got the handspirng case from him. rapid service and great product.
    morris stalk
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    Does anyone know if you can use a headset while the 600 is in the cradle? I am not sure you can since the input is on the bottom...
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    Can you get a break on shipping if you call and order three or four items?
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    Yes. I believe the way it worked was the first item is normal and each additional item is half the shipping. I just bought both on ebay and waited for the combined invoice, which arrived in minutes.
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    Unfortunately, I don't see any way to use the headset with the cradle. That was the only thing I didn't like about it.
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    Is there any hope for using a bluetooth card with a wireless headset whle in the cradle? I am not sure if there is a compatible bluetooth SD card.
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    As a follow-up to this, has anyone bought from Texas Wireless? Here's their store:
    Their prices are a lot cheaper, and I doubt there's really a difference in quality. After all, the AC charger that came with my Treo 600 has a high pitched whine whenever it's plugged in (I'm assuming that's a bad thing)... I might buy an AC charger and USB Hot Sync charger cable from them. Both are only $5.99 at the bid price. TTYL,
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    Yes, I have bought from TexasWireless in the past. They ship fast and the quality is excellent. Great eBayer.

    I purchased and item called the "BEST USB Hotsync & Charging Cable for Treo." This cable actually has a hotsync button about 6" below the connector. Much better than the one suppled by Handspring, because you don't accidently hit the hotsync button every time you try to disconnect it from the Treo.

    I just checked the listings they have on eBay and they still have some with the hotsync button. If you do a search using this string "BEST USB Hotsync & Charging Cable for Treo," you'll find the one I'm talking about.
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    Originally posted by flipp
    Is there any hope for using a bluetooth card with a wireless headset whle in the cradle? I am not sure if there is a compatible bluetooth SD card.
    There is no bluetooth card that works with the 600 as of yet. But when they're developed I can't see why it wouldn't work in the cradle. Maybe I'm missing something?
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    What's Dan's address plse?
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