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    just fyi, I checked with PDAapps wrt a upgrade deal from Treo300SMS --> Treo600SMS and they said...

    Subject: Re: Treo600SMS upgrade?
    From: "PDAapps Team" <>

    Sorry. We don't have a upgrade deal between these applications.


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    What's the difference at this point...

    Sprints MO SMS is like 3 weeks away.. as long as they dont charge for it...

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    it's been reported sprint SMS will be available the 3rd week in december.
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    Originally posted by rastoma
    it's been reported sprint SMS will be available the 3rd week in december.
    Where was this "reported"?
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    Tier 2 tech support told me mid-December just today.
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    I wouldn't believe ANY TIER of tech people about the SMS or anything else.

    Quite Frankly they do not know.. they are not informed.. they tell you something different every time you call (so don't waste your time).... and they will tell you ANYTHING to get rid of you easily off the phone.

    Just my observations
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    Yeah, too bad PDAapps won't offer an Treo600SMS upgrade, but I don't think many former T300 should complain too loud since a vast number (including me) got Sprint to pay for Treo300SMS in the first place! Anyway, I'm curious as to how Sprint is going to price MO-SMS? If it going to be an additional $5-10/month on my bill, I'ld rather gladly pay PDAapps IMNSHO...
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    Personally, I wouldn't subscribe to the Treo*SMS applications seeing as though they log in through the Manage Your Account portal on to access the Short Mail links there...

    One, this is a huge security hole (I personally don't like a 3rd party company having login information to something that has my credit card information, home address, and so forth, as well as access to completely change around my cell plans).

    Two, it seems that Sprint is removing web-access to Short Mail mid-November, so I would think that would render Treo*SMS applications completely useless. Unless, of course, I'm misunderstanding how their proxy is working.

    Of course this all could be moot if Sprint rolls out the MO-SMS transmit support they've been talking about for the last 6 months....


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