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    The Sprint T600 user manual on page 145 lists an "extended battery" as an accessory, plus a phone number to call. Called it, the rep sez no it's not available and there's no projected release date.

    Also, the batt isn't yet listed on

    Anyone have an educated clue about when it's gonna appear?

    btw, have had mine for ~5 days now and it's quite apparent that it's builtin batt life is WAY better'n my T300's.


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    All the COOL accessories should be out before Thanksgiving.

    The battery is no problem for me.
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    Seeing as how the stereo headphones finally showed up (although backordered) on Handspring's site, I wouldn't expect the battery to be too far behind it. I'd bet on it being available for holiday shopping.

    Keep checking here:
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    so I e-mailed Handspring about the availability of an extended/external battery of which has been "coming soon" for months now. This was their reply.

    Thank you for contacting palmOne.

    Unfortunately, we don't have a date as yet for the External Battery. For
    the latest news, you can visit our web site at In
    addition, you can sign-up for our e-newsletter to receive the latest
    information about our products and promotions.

    And I really have a need for it. What other solutions do people have of extended usage life for on the go people?
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    So lessee, I've had my T600 now since early Nov. Yes, when using the unit for voice calls, IM, and web browsing, batt life is generally not an issue -- especially since I use a USB-based sync'n'charge cable (retractable, of course) whenever I'm sitting down in front of my lapstation (which is way too much, but that's a different story).

    However, I also have been using the unit as an adjunct .mp3 player (mostly when traveling; my lapstation is my main .mp3 player (did I mention I sit in front of it a lot?)) -- and I do notice my T600's batt getting sucked down "faster" than during my other usage patterns. Hence my continued interest in the extended battery.

    I however don't have actual data on how much faster the batt is drawn down -- something to perhaps do on my next trip(s) -- I have BatteryGraph now, so that oughta do the trick.
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