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    looks like the cradle and headphones are now available! (but backordered)
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    buy 'em off Ebay - cheaper and in stock.
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    Originally posted by robcorn
    buy 'em off Ebay - cheaper and in stock.
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    Just do a search for Treo 600 on Ebay home page....there's about 8 pages worth of phones/accessories there.
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    interesting - ebay lists several "oem" cradles for cheap. has anyone bought one of these? are they official handspring cradles?

    (or does OEM mean that they have access to the original specifications and have produced their own?)

    i didn't see any treo headphones, though. (i have the adapter, but would much rather have a set that doesn't need the adapter)
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    Ebay Headphones:

    Has anybody tried them yet? How are they?

    I have ordered some but not received yet. "Buy Now" option is $13.99
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    "OEM" is ambiguous, but in this context probably means NOT made by Handspring. My policy on any device that supplies power is to use the real thing. The Treo is too expensive for smoke tests.

    Not sure what you mean by "headphones".

    - If you're talking about stereo headphones for listening to MP3, I don't think anything will work without the adaptor.

    - If you're talking about headsets for hands-free phone use, the news is good: Unlike the 300, the Treo 600 uses a standard plug configuration. Almost any headset will work; it doesn't have to be Treo-specific.
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    "not sure anything will work without the adapter"

    Handspring is selling one (on backorder) that works without the adapter.
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    Originally posted by cbrenner
    "OEM" is ambiguous, but in this context probably means NOT made by Handspring.
    OEM stands for:


    By OEM it is implied that these are genuine Handspring units.

    So I'm less skeptical than others when it comes to purchasing these types of products from ebay sellers with as much positive feedback as the ones selling these accesories on ebay right now.

    These sellers stand to lose a lot of business if they were to get bunches of negative feedback because the units were not genuine Handspring or fried a bunch of Treos.

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    i disagree with derek above, to my mind OEM has been corrupted in general use by the IT community and is almost a verb now - "we got them OEMed by XYZ company".

    if these were made by Handspring *, then I'm sure that the vendor would be promoting them as the real-deal & charging appropriately.

    * not that Handspring actually make them anyway, I'm sure they're OEMed out to a supplier in the Far East / Mexico etc etc....
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    Every single accessory for Handspring and cingular and tmobile and jabra and samsung and .......

    are made by Superior Communications... who, incidentally, and unfortunatly cannot/willnot sell directly to consumers


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    Shouldn't Palmone make a combo headset with both cellphone and stereo capability? Or are we forced to cary two different headsets indefinately?
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    Just got my OEM cradle from Dan's on eBay - just like the Handspring logo one - I'm sure it's the same one. 2 days after order, and $14.99. Sweet!!
    Why go anywhere else? Can't beat the price, for the same product.
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    Originally posted by derek985
    OEM stands for:

    This is, indeed, what the acronym stands for. As far as what people mean when they use the word, that's another matter. With PC hardware, for instance, OEM usually means that a given part is was packaged to be sold to a company that will use it to build another device, rather than being packaged for sale to an "end-user." (This is my understanding, anyway.)

    In the case in question, with the Treo accessories on eBay, OEM is probably being used as a kind of buzzword and what the seller means is that this stuff is the official Handspring gear.

    So everyone's right! What fun.
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    I bought an OEM case and car charger for my 600 from ebay. Both are great and cost 50% less than what HS wants. I will be doing it again soon... the cradle.
    One is what One does.
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    can you have the headset plugged in when using the cradle?

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