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    I just purchased a Treo 600 and downloaded AOL for Palm version 3.1. While I am able to access and send email etc, the program does not respond (other than going up and down 1 whole page at a time) to the movements of the 5-way navigation device on the Treo. Basically the only way to move around on the AOL screen is with the stylus on the screen. Not being able to take advantage of the best feature of the 600 makes this a pretty useless $20 outlay. Anybody know if I am missing something or if there are any upgardes available. There appears to be no help site related to the problem at either AOL or Handango (where I purchased the software). Thanks in advance for any help.
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    The Handspring 5-way controller appears to be proprietary to Handspring. So, it's unlikely that a lot of developers are going to release packages specifically supporting this system.

    It's a shame that Handspring didn't release some software that would allow the user to assign functionality to the pad in other programs.


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